Founders Pass
The Genesis Skull Pass will forever and always be the founders pass into Taunt Battleworld and will have continually utility in the ecosystem.
There will only be 2,500 Genesis Skull Passes ever minted
The Genesis Skull Passes were offered in our Blood Money: Genesis event in March 2022. As of April 12, 2022, you still have a chance to mint your Genesis Skull Pass to receive your Genesis Acolyte Warrior and other benefits!
Taunt Battleworld: Skull Pass - Collection | OpenSea
The mint process for Blood Money Genesis:
  • Mint the Genesis Skull Pass (on Ethereum) directly on our website
  • As of April 12, 2022, the mint window is still open
  • At a to-be-announced date, we will take a snapshot of all Genesis Skull Pass holders and conduct an initial airdrop of Acolyte Warriors (on Polygon Network) to every Genesis Skull Pass
  • Any Genesis Skull Pass minted after this initial airdrop will then immediately receive an Acolyte Warrior (on Polygon Network)
    • This will remain the case until all 2,500 Genesis Skull Passes are sold out
Other important details:
  • Prior to the initial airdrop, we will randomly select from the 2,500 generated warriors a pool of warriors that will be airdropped to the first batch of Genesis Skull Passes
  • Each Genesis Skull Pass is entitled to one Acolyte Warrior
  • We will utilize Chainlink VRF in the airdrop process
  • Any airdropped Acolyte Warrior after the initial airdrop will be randomly selected from the remaining pool of warriors
Prior to our first drop, we hosted a developer livestream reviewing the Taunt Battleworld ecosystem. Watch the replay here and visit our socials for the latest information.
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