Battleworld: Your Journey Begins

The UFC of the Metaverse. Watch. Win. Fight.

Welcome to Battleworld, the UFC of the metaverse and the world's first engage and earn fighting game. Developed by seasoned experts from Amazon and EA, this platform redefines competitive interaction in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic setting where the Old Gods have transformed Earth into their battleground, known as Battleworld. Here, 25,000 of the universe's finest warriors compete in an unending conflict for dominance, where both the outcome and the manner of combat—especially the strategic use of taunting—are critical.

As a pioneering digital collectible game, Battleworld offers a deep, immersive social environment that merges free-to-play action with the thrill of live competition. Participants can vie for prizes in real-time events and have full ownership of valuable in-game assets, with the freedom to buy, sell, and trade at will. Prepare to engage in the ultimate fight for supremacy—your quest begins now, Contender.

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