Blood Battle Tournaments

Earn real rewards in free-to-play tournaments

During the Alpha launch, tournaments are free-to-enter and and players can earn money by competing in our Blood Battle series.

Tournaments run during the week and will typically culminate in a prize tournament at the end of the week. For the latest schedules and times, please check the Battleworld subreddit.

Please hop into our Reddit to hear the latest news and ask any questions

Tournaments are formatted as multi-stage Brawls that are first-come first-served, and are scheduled to begin at specific start times If the tournament is not completely filled by the start time, our system will generate the appropriate number of brackets and randomly assign byes* in the first stage After each stage of the tournament is finished, the winners are compiled and then Brawls are randomized for the next stage *Byes mean that the warrior will progress to the next stage of the tournament without fighting

Once a tournament is filled, it runs automatically to the finish. The number of stages depends on the number of participants. For a 64-person tournament, there are a total of 6 stages:

In each Brawl, there are up to 3 rounds that run until there is a knockout (KO) in each round. Winning 2 rounds in a Brawl secures the win

Community Feedback

During the Alpha launch, we will work with the community to iterate, adjust, and ensure that we can deliver the most rewarding tournament experiences we can to our Contenders.

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