The origins of Acolyte Warriors

It is the far future. Long ago humanity grew from the cradle of civilization on Earth to reach for the stars, traveling to many and encountering wonders far beyond knowing. But they also discovered great and terrible mysteries, alien races and the presence of beings known as the Old Gods. The Old Gods in their turn beheld this puny race emerging from an insignificant place in the sky, but also because they had no Old God to guide them. And so the Old Gods directed their followers from among their stars to descend upon the Earth, to shatter it and claim it, and transform it into the Battleworld.

The planet once known as Earth is now amidst a great change in the universal cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The Old Gods, kept alive by worship and devotion, now rule over the former home of humanity as their own personal playground. Humanity still exists, but under their dominion, are servants to the whims of beings far greater than they. Or do they?

Some humans struggle on, rebelling against the old order. Seeing that humans would not be easily extinguished, the Old Gods conceived of an eternal contest. They pitted the best warriors from their worlds versus humans, in a grueling tournament of life and death, with the prospect that perhaps one day the humans might win and reclaim their world.

Hailing from the far reaches of the known universe and beyond, these warriors bring with them skills and powers humans have never seen. Remnants of humanity cling to their past dominance in a few densely populated cities. From the ashes of technology and culture come only a handful of chosen warriors looking to save their race from total annihilation. These warriors wage battle against each other in a bloody bid to inherit the planet. Some seek the path to survival, others seek glory, and, in the twisted darkness, there are those who seek chaos. In the end, who will remain and claim dominance of the new world?

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