Renowned for their reptilian visage, the Scales stand as one of the most ancient races, boasting a history spanning over ten million years. Throughout the ages, they've experienced the ebb and flow of power, dominating countless worlds before succumbing to defeat and retreating to their enigmatic homeworld, only to emerge once more. Crafty and duplicitous, the Scales wield mastery over biological sciences, wielding knowledge of the body's inner workings to both heal and harm, acting as both saviors and saboteurs.

Legend has it that the Scales once pursued enlightenment and wisdom, but their fixation on immortality led them down a dark path. Despite repeated failures and calamities that nearly decimated their civilization, they persisted in their pursuit, their souls tainted by corruption. It was amidst this turmoil that they encountered Nisha.

Promising the fulfillment of their immortality quest in exchange for adulation and fealty, Nisha beckoned the Scales to embark on a campaign of conquest. In the shadows, they erected ancient sanctuaries and clandestine repositories dedicated to venerating Nisha and her eternal wisdom, perpetuating a cycle of malevolence. Now, they converge upon the Battleworld, plotting in the forgotten recesses, poised for a resurgence. Through Nisha's guidance, they seek to ascend and claim dominion over the world in her name.


Most ancient cultures have their version of the great snake. No matter the name, they all are Nisha. Able to shed her skin, Nisha is said to be both immortal and forever youthful. With immortality comes the wisdom of many ages. Nisha holds untold secrets and knowledge that many would kill for. Now that her very existence is being threatened, she bestows these secrets to her followers in hopes that they may best use them to vanquish their enemies.

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