Perhaps the strangest of all the major races is a parasitic creature that resides in the bodies of the dead and reanimates them: the Undeath. Their base chemistry is unlike any known, leading many to speculate that their origin is extra-galactic or even multiversal. The Undeath themselves either do not know or do not say, keep no records, histories or culture of their own. They do not seem to even speak. And yet somehow they move among the stars in reclaimed ships and silent arks that traverse the void for thousands of years to bring death and reanimation to thousands of worlds, without even a whisper.

It is said, however, that the Undeath follow their own Old God, Nekro the Undying. Certain members of the race seem to tattoo his symbol on the brows of their hosts, and often leave offerings and sacrifices on worlds overrun by the Nekrolla. What little can be discerned suggests that they are engaged in the completion of some vast plan at the behest of their master, yet its designs remain unknown.

Physically the Undeath can be of many different descriptions, as they inhabit the bodies of those slain before. The true parasite within looks equivalent to a many-legged insect, wrapped around and connected to the brain of the host, which it then controls for many years while consuming it from within. The bodies, meanwhile, decay into a desiccated lifelessness, seeming at once shambling zombies and yet simultaneously moving with intent and purpose.


Nekro is the Old God of these seemingly undead creatures. Forever in a state of decomposition, he takes the faces of those recently buried as his own until they too start to decompose. He is envious of the beauty of the living. Thus, he is always on the search for new mortals to join in his realm of death so he may take unto him their likeness. None offer prayers or songs for Nekro, only silence.

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