White Hairs

The White Hairs, once ordinary humans venturing into the cosmos, have undergone a profound transformation. It all began with a group of pioneering colonists embarking on a voyage to the distant Vega system. Limited by the constraints of sub-light speed travel, they embarked on a generational journey aboard a spacecraft, expecting a smooth ride through cryogenic slumber until they reached their destination. However, their odyssey was fraught with disaster.

Technical malfunctions, cosmic hazards, and navigational errors plagued their journey. Cut off from Earth by the void of space, their vessel drifted off course, eventually deemed lost. After untold time adrift, they stumbled upon a new star system and a harsh, barely hospitable world to call their own. There, amidst the darkness, they stumbled upon the ancient temple of the enigmatic Old God, Dyeus.

Facing a dire ultimatum from Dyeus, the colonists made a fateful choice: to pledge themselves in service to the deity, ensuring their survival. In exchange, Dyeus granted them unearthly gifts, altering their very essence. Their once mundane features transformed as their hair turned platinum, their skin assumed an icy hue, and their eyes shimmered with otherworldly light. Alongside these physical changes came the awakening of extraordinary abilities, tapping into the realms of spirituality and the arcane mysteries of quantum mechanics.

Over time, the White Hairs evolved into beings beyond human comprehension, their allegiance unwavering to Dyeus and his divine will.


Dyeus is the Old God of Energy. Most of his followers' powers are energetic in some way, such as casting lighting or other missiles at opponents, as well as summoning forcefields for protection. Dyeus was also once king of all the Old Gods, but was tricked by Exala in a game of chance and imprisoned for eons. Only when he managed to use his energy to divert the human colonists to his world was Dyeus able to free himself and begin to reestablish his dominion. As such, Dyeus is motivated by vengeance.

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