Why Battleworld?

Welcome to Battleworld. Battleworld is an exciting new NFT game where you own and manage Acolyte Warriors on a quest to become champions of Battleworld. Acquire, develop, and test your warriors against others in the great arenas of the new world to gain favor with the Old Gods.

Battleworld combines game elements of discovery, strategy, and resource management with the excitement of live competition

 We created a proprietary Tournament engine that creates wagering events 24/7 via Taunt Live Data Stream

 Goal to deliver up to 20,000 wagering matches and 200,000 individual betting markets to distribution Partners

 Content can be consumed directly by Taunt Audience and distributed to top wagering operators

In playing our Alpha version, you place warriors into Brawls and watch them battle (similar to a 2D fighting game) but rather than control them directly, you choose their strategy. As they fight and win or lose, you can earn from our ecosystem in multiple different ways:


Mint, buy, or earn 1 of 25,000 unique Acolyte Warriors via our marketplace through web2 authentication (Magic Connect) or web3 wallet

Learn the unique attributes of your warrior through the community and training

Players make strategic decisions pre-match and in-game to get an advantage on their opponents

Enter your Acolyte Warriors into tournaments for a chance to win real prize pools. Players are rewarded by the Old Gods with various prizes or in-game items.


Watch the battles through our proprietary Taunt Live Platform to earn in-game currency or other items for FREE.


Compete against others using your knowledge and wits in live prediction contests with no monetary investment through the Taunt Live platform. Grind your way to new in-game items and more.

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