Where do I mint a Genesis Skull Pass?

You can mint directly on our website until all 2,500 passes are sold. Once you mint a Genesis Skull Pass, you will receive a warrior airdrop (typically within minutes if there is no network congestion) via Chainlink VRF for every purchased pass.

What are the benefits of a Genesis Skull Pass?

Benefits of Genesis Skull Pass ownership can be found here.

What blockchain will the game be on?

The game will initially be on the Polygon chain. The Genesis Skull Passes are on Ethereum, and the warrior NFTs are the Polygon (Matic) network.

Which chain will the warriors be airdropped on?

The Acolyte Warriors will be airdropped on the Polygon (Matic) network.

How do I see my warrior?

Your Acolyte Warrior NFT can be viewable in your OpenSea profile (once connected with your linked wallet), under the “Hidden” tab. This automatically happens with all airdropped NFT assets (you’ll have the option to unhide it).

When was the Acolyte Warrior airdrop snapshot?

The snapshot of the Genesis Skull Pass NFT collection for the initial warrior airdrop happened on Monday April 25th, 2022 at 1:00 PST.

Are future minted Genesis Skull Passes still coming with Acolyte Warrior NFTs?

Yes, we have updated our minting contract to automatically airdrop a warrior NFT as soon as a Genesis Skull Pass is minted.

Our Genesis Skull Pass minting contract has been upgraded to allow for multiple mint transactions on the same wallet address and to automatically airdrop the Acolyte Warrior after successful mints of the Genesis Skull Pass

2,500 warriors were pre-minted and Chainlink VRF is used to distribute the Acolyte Warriors in the initial airdrop and for any warrior airdrop following Genesis Skull Pass mints carried out in the upgraded minting contract.

Do I need a Metamask to get airdropped a warrior?

Not necessarily. Warriors are airdropped to ETH addresses on the Polygon Network. So you will have a warrior airdropped to your Coinbase Wallet if you used that method to mint the Genesis Skull Pass. If using Coinbase Wallet, you can login to OpenSea via the Coinbase Wallet option to view and manage your warrior.

How do I add the Polygon network to my Metamask?

To add Polygon to your Metamask wallet follow the directions below:

How many rarity tiers are there?

There are 5 rarity tiers: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic. Read more about our rarity system here.

What do Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 reference on the Acolyte Warrior metadata?

We have denoted certain areas of variation for parts on the body (read more about it here). These parts are different for each base character. You will see Parts 1–4 on the property list. It is up to the community to understand how these parts and tints interact, we are a game of discovery after all 😊

What can I do with my warrior?

Besides admiring them, you will soon be able to use your warriors during the Alpha Launch to enter free-to-play tournaments with real prize pools.

Does rarity make my fighter better?

In Taunt Battleworld, an Acolyte’s rarity does not affect its match performance. It will, however, play a role in rewards earned through various game features.

Can I sell my fighter?

All fighters may be traded, sold, and acquired on the secondary markets just like the Genesis Skull Pass.

I need support! Who can I contact on the Taunt Team to help me?

Please head to the Taunt Telegram or Discord as your first stop for all things Taunt. Our other community channels can be found here.

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