Roadmap and Completed Milestones


  • Battleverse, a grand tournament that where big names in the crypto and NFT metaverse battled it out with custom characters in Taunt Battleworld. The cast included: Karate Combat, Cris Cyborg, Magic Eden, ASM, DystopAI, Scoriox, Decentral Games, Polygon, Mazer Gaming, Sneaks of Nature, Bored of Directors, Mad Rabbits Riot Club, MSCPad, Super Yeti, Yungcontentshow, and FriesFrame ✅
  • Released the Black Magic collection, which introduced characters from Decentral Games, Mad Rabbits Riot Club, Super Yeti, Floyd Mayweather, Andy Ruiz Jr, and Cris Cyborg. Also introduced a new arena based in the Magic Eden universe ✅
  • Released the Black Magic: Golden Gloves collection, a free-to-mint promotion
  • Added Floyd Mayweather, Andy Ruiz and Cris Cyborg, along with it were the Boxer and MMA archetypes
  • Added race-specific variations of normal attacks for Undeath
  • Reworked Rune system
  • Introduced Spirit, a warrior-level counter that is used to enter tournaments
  • Improved AI logic for custom fighting styles (balanced, blitz, and zoner)
  • Improved hitboxes for all warrior models
  • Added new gameplay features, including Finishers and Strikes
  • Added in-game cosmetic features, including Swagtrances (intro animations) and “W” Step (victory animations)
  • Updated in-brawl GUI
  • Developed V1 of Watch and Earn
  • Added Leaderboards page
  • Added Stats page
  • Streamlined registration flow for tournaments


  • First developer livestream ✅
  • First Skull Pass mint event: Blood Money Genesis ✅
  • V1 game launch, 3-month testing cycle ✅
  • Second Acolyte Warrior mint event ✅
  • In-game currency launch ✅
  • V2 game launch ✅
  • Battlezone Series (play-to-earn) ✅
  • Introduction of gameplay features:
    • Runes ✅
    • Styles ✅
    • Archetypes ✅
  • Announcement of partnership with Magic Eden ✅