Providing users with skill-based decisions is a priority for Taunt Battleworld. Runes are tactical choices that Contenders make for their warriors prior to fighting in Brawls. During Alpha, a simpler version of the envisioned Rune system will be implemented.
In Alpha, users select a Rune choice for their warrior during the tournament registration process, and that selection will persist in every Brawl throughout that tournament.
There are a total of 5 rune choices:
  • Mind
  • Spirit
  • Energy
  • Body
  • Death
Runes interact in a rock/paper/scissors-like dynamic according to this diagram:
If both warriors select runes that are not connected (e.g. they do not share an edge), then both runes are activated and take their associated effect. However, if the rune choices are connected, then both runes do not have any effect. Any given rune is connected with 2 other runes and, conversely, not connected with 2 other runes.
Example of runes that are connected:
  • Death and Spirit
  • Body and Mind
This diagram below is a example of the runes that are connected to Death: Spirit and Energy
Example of runes that are not connected:
  • Death and Mind
  • Energy and Spirit
This diagram below is a example of the runes that are not connected to Death: Mind and Body
Every rune choice has its own activation effect, and that effect can apply either a buff to the warrior or a debuff to the opposing warrior. For example, an activated Spirit rune will increase the warrior’s Kicking attribute, whereas an activated Mind rune will decrease the opposing warrior's Punch attribute.
A more detailed table of each Rune’s activation effect will be released closer to the V1 game launch

Future Preview of Runes

We want this choice for users to be engaging and involve a bit of game theory. Post-Alpha, Runes will evolve from a Tournament-level choice to a Brawl-level choice where users will be able to select a Rune prior to seeing their exact matchup, along with data on their opponent’s historical rune selections for that warrior. Furthermore, there will also be an increased number of selectable Runes, and the rock/paper/scissors dynamic will be expanded to factor in a warrior’s Race.
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