Known for their lizard-like appearance, the Scales are one of the oldest of all races, claiming a history of at least ten million years. In that time they have risen and fallen several times, conquering and subverting many worlds to their will before being driven back to their dark and mysterious home world, only to rise again. The Scales are deceivers and betrayers. They are also masters of biological sciences, of the body and its processes, and so they are both healers and regenerators, but also poisoners.
According to ancient lore, the Scales were once a peaceful race devoted to the study of enlightenment and knowledge. One area of knowledge that slowly grew to obsess them, however, was immortality. They tried repeatedly to unlock its secrets, but failed in one disaster after another, creating mutations, horrors and plagues that almost wiped the entire race out. Nevertheless they persisted in their quest even though doing so corrupted their souls. And somewhere in the midst of all that corruption, they came to know Nisha.
Nisha promised that the Scales would one day attain their goal in exchange for worship and devotion, and bade the race to go forth and conquer. In the darkness, they created ancient temples and hidden libraries dedicated to the worship of Nisha and her immortal knowledge, and so the cycle of evil continues. Now they have come to the Battleworld and gather in the dark forgotten places, and plan a new victory. Through the wisdom of Nisha, they will rise to the surface and take the world in her name.
Most ancient cultures have their version of the great snake. No matter the name, they all are Nisha. Able to shed her skin, Nisha is said to be both immortal and forever youthful. With immortality comes the wisdom of many ages. Nisha holds untold secrets and knowledge that many would kill for. Now that her very existence is being threatened, she bestows these secrets to her followers in hopes that they may best use them to vanquish their enemies.