White Hairs

The White Hairs were once humans who voyaged out into the stars, but have now changed into something else. Their story began as a group of human colonists attempting to reach a far-off system named Vega. Lacking the means to travel faster than light, the colonists designed and built a generation ship to carry them across the void to their new home, expecting a quiet journey in suspended animation, ready to emerge anew. However the journey was laced with catastrophe.
Static clouds shorted systems, micrometeoroids punctured plating, and gravitational anomalies dragged the ship off course. The ship also lost the ability to communicate back to Earth, and was eventually considered lost. In time, it found a different star to orbit around, and a hostile but barely habitable planet to call home, and the colonists woke up. There, on this dark and nameless world, they discovered the temple of the Old God Dyeus, who offered them a bargain: They could serve the Old God, who would protect them, or they could die. They chose to serve.
In the service of Dyeus, the colonists' very genetics changed. Their hair became platinum in color and their skin hardened to a more ice-like tone, as did their eyes. They also began to develop special powers, connected to the spirits and to the deepest secrets of quantum physics. In time, the White Hairs became unearthly beings with alien minds, loyal to Dyeus and his commands.
Dyeus is the Old God of Energy. Most of his followers' powers are energetic in some way, such as casting lighting or other missiles at opponents, as well as summoning forcefields for protection. Dyeus was also once king of all the Old Gods, but was tricked by Exala in a game of chance and imprisoned for eons. Only when he managed to use his energy to divert the human colonists to his world was Dyeus able to free himself and begin to reestablish his dominion. As such, Dyeus is motivated by vengeance.